Jenn Brink

Jenn, an Army wife, has a Masters degree in Psychology, four kids spanning an obscene age range, and an overdeveloped interest in “The Why.”  Jenn is a published author. You can find her books, The Jessica Hart series, on Amazon and in bookstores and libraries or take a sneak peak at her writing on her website at jennbrink.com.

I Found Myself In A Rut, and Back Out Again

It’s easy, a little too easy, to get bogged down with the day-to-day aspects of life and fall into a rut. Sometimes just getting the kids up, dressed, and off to school seems like...

Proud to Be a ‘Bad Mom’ and Why You Should, Too

You know the scene. I'm talking about the morning parking lot scene where we moms hurriedly thrust backpacks, lunches and kisses onto our precocious bundles of joy and then watch them meander like confused...

What Is A Government Shutdown?

At 12:00:01 AM, on January 20, 2018, the U.S. government officially shut down. Unfortunately for the American people, this has become what my grandmother would call “old hat.” But, what does a shutdown mean? According to...

The Government Has Shut Down, But We Haven’t

On Saturday, our government shut down. For those of us in the Armed Forces or with family members in the Armed Forces, this means that life goes on as usual, but without pay. Our military...

Hunting For Equal Rights

Like so many other girls, I grew up with hunting but not as a hunter. I knew my uncles went turkey hunting Thanksgiving morning. I’d listen, wide eyed, as they talked about their hunt...

Open Letter To A Soldier’s Wife

Today, I met your mother in law. She gushed on and on about her son (stationed where we just left), her grandson (still in your womb), and how amazing we military families are. In...

Mom Dating, The Struggle Is Real

You know who your sister-wife (if you had to choose) would be, and she knows who she is. Her kids and yours are more like siblings than friends, and you adore them more than...

The Case for Chastising Your Kids in Public

“Thank You Momma.” The voice came from behind me. It was an unfamiliar voice, but it sounded like she was speaking to me. I turned, just enough to identify the speaker. Behind me was a woman,...

Embrace the Suck (Part Two) – Gypsy Life Survival Tips

You’ve watched the moving truck roll down the street, turned in the keys, piled the kids clutching man’s best friend into the car, and waved “bye house.” Whether there are days or weeks between this...

Embrace the Suck (Part One) – Empty House Party

It’s time for the kids to bounce off the walls, slide on the floor, and hang off the ceiling, but they can’t jump on the couch. It’s gone. The moving truck just left, taking...