Lindsay Swoboda

LINDSAY SWOBODA is a writer, editor, and military spouse. She is the mother of two and lives wherever the Marine Corps sends their family next. Her work has been featured in Legacy Magazine, Coffee + Crumbs, The Line Literary Review and Books Make a Difference Magazine. She is the former editor-in-chief for the U.S. Embassy Quito Newsletter. Lindsay hosts The Choosing Brave Podcast and welcomes connection on Instagram and on her personal blog. When she is not writing Lindsay is either seeking time in nature or pursuing her other favorite hobbies: reading and sewing. She tries not to miss having tea in the afternoon with a cookie.
boy listening with headphones on blue background with "Awesome Audiobooks for your Next Roadtrip" in text

Awesome Audiobooks for Your Next Road Trip

Our family is hitting the road on a trek to the grandparents house. Everyone is excited for the epic adventure to come, but the 17+ hours ahead of us in the car makes me...
burnt orange background with various food and "Friday Favorites: Lindsay's Aldi Favorites" in text

Friday Favorites – Lindsay’s Aldi Favorites

Get your quarter ready- it's time to explore Aldi! Our family lives an hour away from the closest commissary, so we have had to get creative to stay on budget for grocery shopping. There is...
man in military uniform pulling over boots with "Military Separations Should Be Easier...But They Never Are" in text

Military Separations SHOULD Be Easier, But They Never Are

I crushed a baseball cap over my bed head as I grabbed keys. The early morning air nipped at my fingers as I carried the handheld vacuum down the driveway. I opened the door...
mom holding little girl's hand in porch chairs on a deck overlooking mountains

No PCS: The Gift of Staying Put

I hold my coffee in one hand and my cell phone in the other, thumbing through Instagram. I am working on better social media practices, but I have yet to crack my five minute...