Get your quarter ready- it’s time to explore Aldi!

Our family lives an hour away from the closest commissary, so we have had to get creative to stay on budget for grocery shopping. There is an Aldi close by, and I have made it our one-stop-shop for all of our grocery needs.

Aldi may not “fit” every family. It is a shockingly small store, with no bells and whistles, but we have found it has everything we need. It even features organic products.

You are required to bag your own groceries, but that is worth it to me. I like the control of putting my items in bags the way that I’ll unpack them when I get home. 

I also love that the store does not tempt me with any “extras.” I go in and leave with exactly what I came for (I’m looking at you Target dollar spot). There is one center aisle that has weekly specials on random extras, but I will avoid going down it depending on how strict we need to be that month on finances. They also feature weekly meat sales that go in effect on Wednesdays.

Check out the products below that have become our family’s Aldi Favorites!

*all products can only be found for the listed prices in stores, prices based of the Norfolk, VA area

Little Journey baby products from Aldi

Little Journey Baby Products

There is a small spot on the back of one of the aisles that features all of Aldi’s baby products, and while small- it is mighty! 

Baby food pouches in variety of flavors: $0.75 

Yogurt bites: $1.79

Little Munchers (our baby loves the Veggie flavor): $1.35

Wipes (216 count): $3.79

Variety of Bread Products

We are a bread loving family. Aldi offers everything from hot dog buns, Naan bread, English muffins, and sandwich thins. I have seen gluten-free options there as well. I regularly buy the following:

12 Grain Wheat Loaf: $1.25

Sourdough Round: $3.25

Mini Naan pack (8 count): $3.99

various bread products from Aldi
various veggies from Aldi

Get Your Greens

We find the produce at Aldi to be sufficient and affordable for a family of four. We do check for quality of the item and “best buy” date before purchasing.

Jumping into the cart at every trip:

Organic Kale: $2.85

Flat leaf spinach: $0.99

Seedless Cucumber: $0.95

Build the Charcuterie Board

Anyone down for “fancy picnic” or “snack dinner”? We love to make charcuterie boards for fast lunches around here, and the base of ours begins with meats and cheeses. 

Prosciutto: $2.59

Italian deli meat: $3.99

Goat cheese log: $1.55

The Never Any brand of chicken sausages are well-loved around here too, especially:

Never Any Apple Maple Chicken Breakfast Sausage: $2.99

Never Any Spinach and Feta Chicken Sausage: $2.59

sausages and deli meats
various dips from Aldi

Delicious Dips

I am a big fan of an afternoon snack that includes a chip, a carrot, a celery stick, and a delightful dip. If I’m getting fancy, any dessert hummus will do!

At Aldi, you can find the following (and I’ve also spotted Buffalo Cauliflower dip there if that’s something you like!):

Tzatziki Dip: $2.49

Guacamole Minis: $3.29

Hummus: $1.79

Have you shopped at Aldi before? What product would you choose from our favorites list?


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