Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter
Rachel has been an Air Force spouse for 17 years. Her husband's career had taken them to many assignments around the world, and she currently lives in Hawaii. She is a mother of four children; their ages range from fifteen to four years old, so her life is often exciting and challenging. She holds a BA in English and a MA in Management. When not busy with work or her family, she enjoys volunteering within the military community; she has even been a Key Spouse at two stations! Rachel has always enjoyed writing and literature, and she is happy to find this blog and community to combine these interests. She has been featured on Her View From Home, The Beautifull Project, Hand-in-Hand QC, and other publications - but The Military Mom Collective is her home. :)

August Book Club: Mrs. Everything

Jennifer Weiner is an accomplished fiction author. I have read several of her books, and they all include women who overcome trials and or adversity in many forms. These women are real. They have...
A Good Marriage

July Book Club: A Good Marriage

You've heard it before: every marriage or relationship has its ups and downs. Its lows and highs. Its triumphs and failures. And its secrets. But this month's book asks us, "What makes a 'good...

Friday Favorites – Affordable Eco-Friendly Switches

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. As a...
Queenie book on orange and yellow background

June Book Club: Queenie

In this book club, most of us are mothers. We may or may not be married. We may be younger or older in age. We may even be a father! But for the most...
the testaments by margaret atwood

May Book Club: The Testaments

But among these bloody fingerprints are those made by ourselves, and these can't be wiped away so easily. Over the years I've buried a lot of bones; now I'm inclined to dig them up...
Friday Favorites snacks

Friday Favorites – My Fave Grab-and-Go Snacks

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. I carry...
We Have Masks logo

We Have Masks: Our Choice for #Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was established in 2012. It started with a simple idea of enabling people to do good for others. It has grown into a global movement that inspires people annually to give time...
the catcher in the rye featured image

April Book Club: The Catcher in the Rye

For book club this month, I chose The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I originally chose it because I assumed most of us would have read this classic and figured it would...
March Book Club featured image

March Book Club: Hunger

Warning: This memoir contains accounts of sexual assault and trauma. Please be advised before reading this book or this review. “The story of my body is not a story of triumph." There were many words that...

February Book Club: My Friend Anna

You are out with a group of friends, eating dinner or getting a drink. The bill comes along, and a friend offers to get it for the group. You all do this, alternating who...
the care and feeding of ravenously hungry girls

January Book Club: The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls

We read a great deal of fiction books that dissect the American family. We like these books for their relatability; their portrayal of fictional characters in all-too-real situations; their gritty and honest details.  In The Care...
the alice network book club pick

December Book Club: The Alice Network

We. Love. Historical. Fiction. I knew that The Alice Network by Kate Quinn had to be a pick for our book club. The reviews were great, every other book nerd I know recommended it, and...