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We are proud to partner with SimpliFed to bring this amazing resource to military parents! This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are our own.

We all know that the baby years are hard. And one of the biggest challenges is feeding your baby.

Whether it is your first newborn or the sixth baby you have brought into the world, every experience is different. Many on our team echo this.

For some, breastfeeding was the best option and worked well. Katie and AshLeigh relayed that living overseas and worries about formula shortages at the base stores were a concern, so breastfeeding was the best option. Lauren said that with the support of her lactation consultant and pediatrician, she was able to successfully breastfeed all three kids.

For others, physical and mental health challenges led them to formula feed. Whether it was low supply like Jenny or actual physical impediments like Lorren, formula was a better option to ensure that their baby was fed.

And that is why we love SimpliFed.

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SimpliFed’s mission is exactly what their name says. They want all babies to simply be fed, whether that is through breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination. Their virtual lactation consultants are there to support mothers wherever they are and in whatever stage of pregnancy and infancy.

As stated on their website:

Why do parents love us?

We’ve got your back through the good and hard times. We support you no matter how you decide to feed your baby and whether or not you have health insurance. You can access our support virtually from anywhere.

SimpliFed employs a team of certified lactation counselors (CLC), international board certified lactation consultants (IBCLC), registered nurses, and nurse practitioners to start with each person ideally in pregnancy or after birth. They help to prepare parents for feeding their baby and setting expectations. Similar to how you develop a labor plan, these professionals work with you to develop a feeding plan during your prenatal appointment. 

For example, a lot of parents don’t know that your milk doesn’t come in for 3-5 days after the baby is born! SimpliFed works with their clients to prepare them for what feeding looks like in the first couple of weeks, through transitions along the way, and all the way to weaning.

They also provide education classes and access to baby feeding experts 24/7, from any location. All of this is done virtually so if you can be reached by phone, you can receive SimpliFed services! 

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As a new mom, this service would have been monumental in my own feeding challenges.

I was a young mother who really wanted to breastfeed over 18 years ago. I did not have issues with latching or supply, but I struggled with the mental and physical demands of breastfeeding. I did not have access to an affordable lactation consultant, and I was apprehensive about asking for support from my pediatrician.

I wish I could have accessed support to not only assure me but guide me in my feeding journey. I felt so defeated when I switched to formula feeding after a few months, even though it was the best thing for my mental health. I would have greatly benefited from a person to encourage and support me in this feeding approach, and the consultants at SimpliFed do just that. They meet you where you are, work with you to support your whole family, and they know there is no right or wrong way to feed your child.

SimpliFed works to overcome any barriers to support by offering their services anytime, anywhere.

Abrie McCoy is a CLC with SimpliFed, as well as a former active-duty mom and current military spouse.

She loves the encouragement and support she is able to provide to her families; she experienced firsthand the lack of support or the knowledge of resources for new parents. “There are a lack of…resources or a handbook for combo feeding or transitioning from one type of feeding to another,” she stated. As a SimpliFed consultant, she is able to provide all this along with opening conversations about needs and guidance.

Sign up for an appointment which is fully covered by TRICARE. After this initial meeting, you are paired with your consultant, and you can decide if you would like to move forward with a 30-60 minute appointment.

They offer flexible hours and dates to meet parents in their space. Abrie pointed out that after childbirth or in the newborn phase, you may not feel up to leaving your home for an appointment. With SimpliFed, you can show up in your PJs. As Abrie often says, “No pants, no problem!” 

And SimpliFed is not just for moms; they want to help all families. If you are a single parent, same sex parents, separated, or a caregiver, you could use their support and guidance.

No judgment or expectations – just baby feeding help.

Even better…SimpliFed is covered by Tricare!

Get the feeding support you need without worrying about the costs. Lactation service coverage varies with insurance providers, so you always want to check your specific policy with the provider. For all those on Tricare, SimpliFed services are covered for up to 6 outpatient sessions, at no cost!

Services can start at 27 weeks of pregnancy, meaning you can ask your questions and make decisions with a consultant via telehealth before and after the baby comes.. No referral or prior authorization necessary!

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If you are ready to learn more about SimpliFed or to get started with one of their amazing consultants, click below to get started or find out how YOU can help other moms find baby feeding support!

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Sign up with the link or Text BOOB to 888-458-1364 to book today!

Want to help other moms find and use SimpliFed? Sign up here to become an Ambassador!

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