Military Moms Blog Top 10 For 2017

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Top 10 For 2017

#10 Overcoming A Life-Threatening Food Allergy With Oral Immunotherapy

“As my daughter’s world continues to increase in size, my world feels more out of control. Or, at least it used to before OIT. The truth is that sometimes an EpiPen is not enough. Sometimes two EpiPens are not enough to stop anaphylaxis. I have spent years living in terror.” Do you have a child with a peanut allergy?

#9 Deploying As A Mom

“All I could think about was all the opportunities to comfort that I would miss. She’d be running to someone else, seeking comfort from someone else. As grateful as I was that she would be well taken care of, it hurt deeply that it wouldn’t be me.”

#8 Ruffled Over Rank: Everything You Need To Know About Military Spouse Etiquette

“I was so nervous, I wanted to look … proper. At the time, I only had a vague idea of what the structure of rank and officer versus enlisted looked like. I did know, however, that somehow, I could affect my husband’s career.”

#7 Yes, I Work In Direct Sales, Yes, I Am That Person

“In truth it has been a little hard to admit to myself and others that I enjoy network marketing. No one wants to be that person. Right? You know what I’m talking about – the pushy salesperson who’s all up in your business because she or he has an opportunity for you that you just can’t pass up!”

mom in uniform

#6 Impossible: A Tale Of Going Back To Work

“Going back to work and leaving your baby feels impossible. Not going back also feels impossible, in a different way. It feels like a no-win situation.”

#5 Five Pairs Of Shoes You Need In Your Closet Right Now

Here are 5 pairs of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. They go with just about everything, and the best part is, in them, you will look put together — even when you’re feeling far from it.

#4 Welcome To Military Moms Blog

“We want to help you settle into a new place, find new friends, discover activities for your family, learn tips on things like PCSing, TRICARE, and military discounts. We want to help you encourage resiliency in your children, feel supported as a parent, and, finally, learn the meaning of all of those darn military acronyms!”

#3 Organic Sex: Natural Family Planning And The Military

“Before you judge natural family planning, I want you to take a moment to understand that there is more to it than obligations. You don’t have to jump on board, but I think it’s important to realize that people who use it are informed, intelligent people who are open to discussing it with you.”

#2 The Absolute Last Thing I Want To Hear: “You Signed Up For This”

“Years ago, he gave me an idea about the amount of time he would be away, but it didn’t seem too much to conquer when we were young and in love … and without kids. Then reality set in.”

#1 Yes, My Husband Is Gone A Lot: What I Wish You Knew

“To say I am a single mom discredits the hard work he puts in for his job and his country and overlooks the time he spends wishing he was home. Yes, he loves his job. But yes, he misses his family, too. That makes all the difference.”

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