Mammogram Shmamogram


A poem to encourage women to advocate for their health and remind them that a few minutes of discomfort can end up saving the many years ahead of you!

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They are large, they are small, some you can barely see at all.

They are uneven, they are saggy, they are heavy beyond reason.

Some are pointy, some are round and some annoy us into the ground.

They are unique, fascinating and somehow complement our physique.


We call them “the girls,” our boobies, our ta ta’s, our breasts.

We hide them, we show them off and we buy bras for them to rest.

They feed our babies or stress new moms to the max.

Your relationships to them is your own, but below are the facts.

Whether you love them or hate them you really need to try to save them.

If you are 40, welcome to club! It’s time to give yours a new kind of rub!

It may not be comfortable, and it may not feel right.

If you can’t take the squish, simply stare at the light!


Just once a year make it a priority,

Take care of your health because you have the authority.

Make the appointment and within minutes…Bam!

You have now scheduled your first Mammogram!

Do it!

Don’t be shy and do not fear!

All the stories and jokes about this you’ll hear.

Life is beautifully precious and so are you.

Don’t let Breast Cancer sneak in and ruin your view.


Written in memory of my brave Aunt Annie, who passed away from Breast Cancer at the age of 38. She had an incredible sense of humor and her laughter was contagious. It’s been nearly 22 years since we’ve seen her beautiful smile and she is still so dearly missed.

***If you have a family history of Breast Cancer or are considered a high-risk patient, talk to your doctor about scheduling a Mammogram at age 30.***

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Erin Stock
Erin grew up in Widefield, a small town just south of Colorado Springs, CO. Although she was surrounded by the military, she did not meet her husband, an Air Force Pilot, until they had both graduated from college. Erin has spent almost 20 years in education working as a classroom teacher, Literacy Specialist and Coach. Although Erin holds a MA in Educational Leadership and is also a National Board Certified Teacher, the best education Erin has ever received has been the gift of teaching across the nation. She credits the military with providing her the opportunity to learn more about education than she ever could have throughout her college years. Erin is a woman of faith and a mom to two young children. She is passionate about mental health support for spouses and also raises awareness regarding the dangers of Fentanyl. Erin and her family are currently serving their 7 th assignment in New Hampshire. She enjoys reading personal growth books and researching educational topics, but ends up spending the majority of her time playing with her kids, creating systems in her household, building a supportive community for spouses and dreaming of her forever home. She is also an occasional podcaster.