Before I became a mom and experienced it for myself, I thought parents needed to suck it up a little bit if their kid refused to eat from a certain color bowl. I mean, come on, really? Crying over the color of their bowl/plate/spoon/cup??

And then it happened to me.

I distinctly remember laughing out loud the first time a meltdown occurred, because I was in disbelief that kids really did act like the world was ending if you handed them the yellow bowl instead of the orange one. small girl, tearfully sitting at a table with a yellow bowl of food in front of her

Well, after several years of this happening, I finally had enough of their shenanigans and literally couldn’t take it anymore. 

I’m only shocked it took so long for me to figure out the simple mealtime hack. Because if I had to hear one of my kids whine about using a different color plate (or fork/cup/bowl) one more time, I was pretty sure I’d actually lose my freaking mind.

I get it. If you have more than one kid, it totally makes sense to get the rainbow assortment of kid-friendly dining ware. “They can each have their own color,” I remember telling my husband at one point. That was so cute of me. 

One day, I was done listening to my precious angels in a crazy cry-fest over the hue of their spoon. So I did something about it…I got rid of all of their colorful, fun dishes and replaced them with one color. And I didn’t let them pick the color this time. I picked them out in the color that I liked best. Sorry, kiddos!  young girl holding a set of colored dishwater in a store

That’s it. That simple mealtime hack (or purchase) has absolutely, positively changed our mealtime game. Now they have nothing to argue over*.

*Ha. Just kidding. Now they argue over what we’re actually eating for dinner, but that’s a different post for another day.

So if you’re reading this, wishing you didn’t have to listen to more complaining over the freaking color of a plate, here’s your permission to get rid of (sell or donate) your kids’ colorful plates and bowls and get a set of everything in all one color*.

You’re welcome.

Here are my favorite places to get a set of one-colored kids dining stuff:

Target: There are several colors to choose from. I did have to go to two to find a full set of plates, bowls, and cups, but they were so cheap I didn’t even care. These have held up very well, especially for the price.  

Re-Play: This is where I get our kid utensils, but they do have plates, bowls, and cups, too. All made out of recycled material if you’re into that. 

Have you saved your sanity yet and gone the simplistic route yet? Did this post encourage you to make the change? 


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