Gerry Langan

Gerry Langan
Gerry has southern roots and a southern accent to boot, hailing from North Carolina, she is a full-time stay-at-home-mom to twin boys and a part-time marketing guru during naptime and bedtime. Her husband is a Blackhawk Pilot for the Army Reserves, and they currently call Saint Petersburg, Florida home. She prides herself on being a storyteller by nature, and always looking at the mess that life throws at them with a laugh. She keeps her sanity by being a pulmonary hypertension patient advocate on social media (@_gllangan), posting about the honest highs and lows of this wild motherhood ride, and giving people a little insight into what life is like with twin toddlers. When she's not chasing her boys around, Gerry enjoys iced coffee at all times of the day and watching one of her many TV shows.
group of friends laughing

Dear Military: Thank You For The Friendships

Parenting is a series of highs and lows. The unbelievable, joy-filling highs, and the heartbreaking, world-altering lows of parenting cannot be replaced. When we found out that the twins were boys: super high. The...
girlfriends on a bench

Four Types of Girlfriends You Need In Your Life

We may not always admit it, but we need girlfriends in our life. It's chilling to think what sort of woman I would be, mother I would be and the romantic relationship I'd have (or...
two kids taking pictures on phone

I Post Photos of My Kids on Social Media – Here’s Why

In the digital era of parent shaming, gaslighting, and social media hate, people are pouring out thousands of blog posts, news articles, and social media comments about why we shouldn't be posting about our...
mixed race family

As An Asian-American, I Understand Why Black Lives Matter

When I was in 5th grade I was getting on the bus to head to school. As I took my seat, a white boy sitting in the seat in front of me called me a...
military family in front of their home

Our Family PCS’ed During The Pandemic

My husband is Army Reserves. For the last 18 months, we have been on active duty orders and stationed in Fort Rucker, Alabama. What came as a shock to me was how quickly we...
mother in hospital picture

Three Things My Chronic Illness Has Taught Me About Motherhood

Shortly after my twin boys turned one, I was diagnosed with a life-changing chronic illness called pulmonary hypertension. As a then-28-year-old, first-time mom and military wife, living across the country from our family and friends,...
family on couch on ordinary day

Thankful for the Ordinary Days

Today is one of those ordinary days. He usually wakes up earlier than me. He's probably gone to PT and already come home before I even wake up. When he doesn't have to be at...