Military Mama Spotlight: Building a Health and Fitness Business from the Ground Up

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One thing that is fairly consistent in the life of military spouses is the struggle to find employment. Whether you are highly educated with multiple degrees or certifications or not, sometimes the most qualified applicants get overlooked because their resume screams military spouse through gaps in employment or multiple jobs in different locations.

Samantha Costello is a Marine Corps spouse and owner of Core Fit. She’s making waves for other military spouses by encouraging them to pay attention to what really gives them purpose while helping them create a path forward in that direction. While it may require her clients to step outside their comfort zone, Samantha encourages them to do something they are passionate about every day in order to not only live out a dream career but to make a positive impact.

Samantha and her husband were a long-distance couple for a long time, but after several years, something had to give, as they wanted to be together. Well, we all know what that means. Samantha had to leave her corporate job in D.C. and joined her husband in the tiny, but beautiful town of New Bern, North Carolina. Thankfully, her company allowed her to work remotely until it was bought out and her position was eliminated.

They say everything happens for a reason, and so Samantha took a leap of faith. She found herself in a situation that many of us have found ourselves in; a small, military-focused town with not many job opportunities. She knew she had to seize the day and pave a way for her own career and that is how Core Fit began.

After becoming a certified personal trainer, she started Core Fit. Sam started with boot camp styled classes and personal training sessions in her garage gym as she hoped to build community while a lot of the participants had spouses who were either deployed or in training.

Core Fit is made up of certified personal trainers and health coaches who are striving to help women break through barriers of achievement, both physically and mentally, through fitness.

The best part? Samantha’s team of employees is made up of military spouses!

She believes fitness helps ALL aspects of life, and her goal is to share everything she’s learned so fellow moms and spouses can reach their own fitness and nutrition goals, but more importantly build confidence and gain a sense of empowerment by doing so.

It has been over 3 years since Samantha held her first Core Fit boot camp in her garage and hired a babysitter to watch all the kids, and now Core Fit has evolved to so much more! She offers live boot camps in multiple locations, virtual Boot Camp Yoga (BOGA), custom training plans, macro calculations, custom nutrition plans, coaching and accountability.

Samantha is truly an inspiration as to how to make that military lifestyle work for you and your career.

Each month, we will feature a mom in our community who is doing amazing things. If you know an inspiring military mom who has a unique story to tell, let us know!