Laundry is such a menial task. We rarely think of it as one of life’s biggest blessings.

But think about it for a second. We go around to each room, sometimes that means 2 rooms or some imes that means 7 rooms. We collect all of the dirty laundry while holding our nose. If we are lucky or if we have trained our minions well, we go to the hampers and collect the laundry from there. 

We throw it in to our shiny washer, toss in some overpriced chemicals to clean away the baseball dirt and the gym sweat. We then wait roughly a hour and we switch it to the magical machine that was invented to make our lives easier. Sure, this invention means a higher gas or electric bill,  but it saves us time and sweat of hanging our clothes to dry. Next, we take the clothes out and if we are feeling extra motivated, we fold them Marie Kondo style and have the kids put them nicely away. 

Not too hard, right?

Think back a few decades ago to when everything needed to be hung out to dry. Or think back a few more decades to when we had to physically wash and scrub those stains out of our few pieces of clothing. Makes you rethink that social media post you loved the other day about how much we hate laundry, right? 

I currently live in a country where 95 percent of the residents, who are not American mind you, hang their clothes to dry.

Sure, some of them can afford a dryer, but it is one more thing to pay for and one more thing to make their electric bill go through the roof. So, they hang their clothes. Their balconies are not for enjoying their morning coffee (haha, right), but they are there for the sole purpose of efficiently drying their clothes. 

The time has come for us to be thankful for our blessings. Life is so much easier when we look around and see the things we should be thankful for. I’m not talking about the extremes but rather the things that are in our lives for the sole purpose of making them easier.

Just the other day I did six loads of laundry, yes you read that that right, six loads. I did all six of those loads in the span of 5 hours! And you know what I did while doing those loads? I binge-watched Suits on Netflix and had a good glass (OK, a few) of wine. It was rough people (sarcasm).

Let’s try to focus on the good side of things instead of the “woe is me” side of things. 

My blessings get me through the day. My gratefulness for those blessings makes my life easier. I am a mom and I stay at home. I am blessed to stay at home, and while I won’t go as far to say I am blessed to do six loads of laundry, I will say that I am so, so grateful for those two white machines that make my life run just a bit more smoothly!