Navigating the Path: My Son is Joining the Military!


Hello MilMC readers, my name is Carrie Ring. I am a new contributor to the MilMC team. To introduce myself, I wanted to share a deeply personal blog about where I am at in my “Military Spouse / Soon-To-Be-Military Mom” journey. My son is joining the Military! This topic is very personal, and emotional and will be transformative for our family.

Our 17-year-old son is gearing up to join the United States Air Force Military, and I want to open up about the myriad of emotions, the planning process, and what I think we can expect as a family. I hope by sharing, I can connect with other Military Moms for advice and support.

For the past four years, he has had the privilege and honor of being a member of the Franklin High School AFJROTC. This experience has been invaluable – combining education, physical fitness, leadership development, instilling a strong sense of duty and discipline, as well as providing a foundational understanding of military life; all of which I am hoping will make his transition to basic training and military service smoother.

As a mother, the range of emotions of my son joining the military is nothing short of overwhelming. From pride in our son’s decision to serve his country, to the inevitable worries about his safety, every feeling is heightened. Having met my husband after his honorable discharge from the Army, I understand the unique blend of pride and concern that comes with being a military family. It’s a journey filled with a complex mix of patriotism, anticipation, and a tinge of anxiety. My husband still serves our great Nation as an Aviation Enforcement Agent with the Department of Homeland Security at the El Paso TX Air Branch, so these are all emotions I am familiar with.

Joining the military is not just a personal decision; it’s a family commitment. The planning process involves a series of steps: from understanding the enlistment process to providing emotional support. Here are some key aspects we’ve been navigating:

Research and Education: We’ve been immersing ourselves in understanding the different branches of the military and the specific commitments and opportunities each provides. Knowledge is power, and being well-informed helps us support our son better.

Open Communication: Honest and open conversations have become the backbone of our family discussions. We encourage our son to express his thoughts, concerns, and expectations, fostering an environment where communication is key.

Emotional Preparedness: We’re preparing ourselves emotionally for the physical distance and the changes that come with having a loved one in the military. Emotional resilience is a skill we’re cultivating as a family to navigate the challenges ahead.

As we embark on this journey, we’re learning that expectations play a crucial role in managing the uncertainties that come with military life.

Basic Training: Our son will undergo rigorous training for almost 8 weeks that not only tests his physical abilities but also shapes his character and discipline. Understanding the nature of basic training has helped alleviate some of our concerns.

Deployment Realities: While we hope for the best, we are preparing ourselves for the possibility of deployments. Being mentally ready for this aspect is part of the reality of military life.

Support Networks: Building connections with other military families has proven invaluable. Sharing experiences, and advice, and forming a support network have been comforting aspects of this journey. That’s one of the reasons I joined the Military Mom Collective!

As we navigate this emotional and logistical terrain, one thing is clear: the decision to join the military is a deeply personal one that impacts the entire family. It’s a journey of growth, resilience, and unwavering support. While the path ahead may seem daunting, the strength that comes from unity, love, and understanding makes it all worthwhile.

Join me in this shared experience, and let’s embrace the journey ahead with open hearts and a commitment to supporting our loved ones in uniform. Together, we’ll navigate the unknown and find strength in the unique bond that defines military families. I’d love to hear your experiences or tips on preparing a child to enter into the Military!

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Carrie Ring
Carrie is a seasoned marketing and event professional at the crossroads of creativity and strategy, with a career spanning over two exciting decades. She proudly holds the title of Certified Festival & Event Executive (CFEE) from the prestigious International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA), marking her journey as a dynamic force in Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, and Event Management. She enjoys working remotely for the IFEA as their Director of Partnerships & Programs. For the past 18 years and counting Carrie has been a devoted best friend and wife of a former soldier in the Army, now an Aviation Enforcement Agent with the Department of Homeland Security here at the El Paso Texas Air Branch. When she’s not busy dazzling the world with daily affirmations and spreading positive messages, you'll find her in the kitchen, whipping up culinary delights as she loves to entertain. Cooking, baking, and charcuterie board building are her love language, and let's just say, her friends and family are always eager taste-testers for her latest creations. Oh, did she mention she’s the proud mom of three fantastic teens? Yep, she’s got a front-row seat to the teenage rollercoaster, and let her tell you, it's a wild ride! But hey, it's all part of the adventure, and she’s here for every eye roll, teenage drama, and heart-to-heart chat. As a new contributor for MilMC, Carrie hopes to share moments about raising teens, her kitchen escapades, there's never a dull moment, and connecting with like-minded moms! You can follow her on Instagram, or connect with her on several social media platforms!


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