There will be times when you are struggling to connect and find support in your community.

It kind of comes with the territory, right? You may be in an area where family or friends are close by, but you are still living and working alone. Or you may be in situations where family or friend support is further away. You might not be thrilled with your current assignment and struggle to find the positives.

But for better or worse, you live there. And it’s up to you to make the best of this time and location, and that takes some support and community.

Read on for some suggested ways to find support and community at your current assignment. Whether you need an ad-hoc sitter, a friend to vent to, or someone to help clean up, these tips are bound to help in any situation that arises.

Use an app to find local everything 

Nextdoor is pretty much like Facebook, except your feed houses neighbors in the area posting anything from local events to items for sale. Find help or support within walking distance!

Get friendly 

I will admit, I do not consider myself an extrovert; since having kids, I feel this helps my case. We recently moved to a new neighborhood and while it’s tough getting out there and meeting new people, having a kid to introduce makes the transition much easier. Take a chance and introduce yourself to your neighbors or other spouses in your significant other’s office. 

Get involved

Join Facebook groups for your neighborhood or search the town council for events. We get a town magazine every month with a new family on the cover plus events happening in the neighborhood, season appropriate recipes to try, and local shops to support. Even if it is a simple neighborhood watch, it’s something!

Buy local

I have a passion for supporting local and small owned businesses (as most people do). Often times, there will be locally owned businesses in between the Home Depot and Marshalls that will have the rarest finds, including a new friend or two! This is a great way to support local while getting to know your community and people.

Don’t just drop-off and scram

I know, I know, but hear me out. Whether it’s a sport activity or back-to-school night, take this as an opportunity to get to know fellow parents and their children. No one said you have to sign up as team mom or anything! Just make a little conversation and see where it goes. You could find your next backup sitter or another solo-parenting parent.

I hope these tips help in some way or fashion to build your community at your station. You never know where a rare gem will be found!

What tips do you have to get the most out of your duty station?

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Amanda is a Miami native, Navy veteran turned military spouse. While being stationed in the United Kingdom, Amanda obtained her MBA from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Amanda met her husband while they were stationed onboard the same ship in 2007. Since becoming a Military Spouse, Amanda has discovered the loneliness that can hover at times. While being stationed in San Diego and becoming a first-time mom to twins, Amanda started her blog, Life with Mojita in an effort to build a community outside of the day-to-day life. Being raised in Miami, Amanda has found a passion for the ocean and has always longed to be a Marine Biologist. In her free time, Amanda loves to spend time with family, friends, travel, and when the opportunity permits, dip her toes in the ocean. Amanda blogs on her free time about motherhood, health & wellness, and military life.


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