Sakura Season


Springtime is historically a time of rebirth and growth. No place is this more true than Japan.

Spring brings Sakura, the beautiful cherry blossoms season. They only last a short time when they are again dormant until next year’s season of renewal and rebirth. Cherry blossom season in Japan does not just mean chasing Sakura throughout the islands (there is a blooming calendar), but it also means new Sakura flavored snacks, Sakura-inspired pottery, and parties celebrating the cherry blossom.

From mid-march until late April and sometimes May, Sakura bloom throughout Japan starting in the southern part of the island and moving north. After they bloom they last about a week before they start to fall. The rapid life cycle of the cherry blossom is important in Japanese culture representing the transience of life.  As we literally chase cherry blossoms through our southern prefecture, you often see children in traditional dress taking pictures with the Sakura or families having picnics enjoying the beautiful weather.


Springtime Sakura-flavored and inspired snacks are one of the best parts of the season. Pocky sticks that are Sakura and matcha flavored are a family favorite. There is also Sakura flavored mochi, which is a Sakura flavored soda. Even McDonalds and Starbucks have Sakura flavored drinks. As I write this my friend has asked if I’m going out in town today because the new Sakura line has just dropped at Starbucks. The obsession is real and it’s worth it.

Sakura is a sweet reminder to stop and appreciate the beauty that is around us, however fleeting it may be. If given the chance to visit Japan, this would be the season to visit.


Follow this link to see the live Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast.

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