Leslie Thomas

Leslie Thomas
Hey ya’ll! I’m Leslie and I’m a homeschooling mom of 4, a Navy wife, and a doctor when we’re stateside. I’m from South Carolina but we’ve lived in the southeast of the United States for the past 10 years and currently reside in Sasebo, Japan. In case you don’t know, that's near the bottom of Japan. It's a crazy change, but a welcome one. I love books and movies. I’m passionate about mission work and teaching my kids to find their own relationship with Jesus Christ. And I love our military community. Family is what you make it and I have found my village over and over again in other mamas that are traveling this path with me and I’m blessed for it.

Sakura Season

Springtime is historically a time of rebirth and growth. No place is this more true than Japan. Spring brings Sakura, the beautiful cherry blossoms season. They only last a short time when they are again...

Meeting People: Being Intentional About Friendships

When I say I’m an introvert I don’t mean the kind of introvert that doesn’t like big crowds or needs a minute to regroup if they have to deal with people for too long....
groups of kids with hands together on a purple background with "My Tried and Tested Plan for PCSing with Kids" join text and MMC logo

My Tried and Tested Plan for PCSing with Kids

I lived my entire childhood in one town. Then, I went to college less than 30 minutes away. To say that I feel ill-equipped to help my children transition from place to place during...
black and white photos of people and places in Japan with a red banner that reads "Sayonara Japan" and MMC logo

Sayonara Japan

We are leaving Japan, and it's bittersweet. I have loved this country. I have a child that only remembers this country. It is breathtaking and awe inspiring; but it's difficult to navigate, and it's not home. I...
young girl reading a book with "Homeschooling Doesn't Have To Be Permanent" in text and MMC logo

Homeschooling Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

We have homeschooled our four children for several years. *Note I’m using the royal we. I have been responsible for their education for the last three years.* It has been challenging and daunting. My mom...
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Showers Are Not Self-Care: My Month-Long Challenge

When I was young, single, and child-free, I went to the spa monthly. I had my nails done every two weeks and my hair done at least every other month. I thought that was the...
pink breast cancer awareness ribbon with "Breast Cancer Facts and Ways to Help All Year" in text

Breast Cancer Facts and Ways to Help All Year

If you see me with pink streaks in my hair this month, it's because for the last three decades in the United States, October has been Breast Cancer Awareness month. Charities like the Susan G....
pie and berries with elegant white dishes and silverware on a table. "Far from Home: Recipes for Celebrating Thanksgiving When You Are Away" in text with MMC logo

Far from Home: Recipes for Celebrating Thanksgiving When You Are Away

I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not a post about Spider-Man’s Thanksgiving (although I did debate spinning a tale about just that - see what I did there?). This is about Thanksgiving,...
a mother holding a baby boy with "Is Being a Wife and Mother Enough" in text with MMC logo

Is Being a Wife and Mother Enough?

I have always wanted to be a doctor. I've known it for nearly my entire life, outside of a few childhood dreams that were unrealistic or plain made up. My daughter is artistic where her...
Miyajima Island on red circle with torii gate on water

Miyajima: Exploring Japan’s Deer Island

Even though it causes feelings of anxiety and stress, I love to travel with my children. It is one of our favorite activities, and we love a good adventure with crazy memories for good...
married couple sitting together with gold swirl decor and "Marriage During the Montage Years" in text

Marriage During the Montage Years

  Montage, You Say? You know in a movie when the conflict has been presented and while the solution is being worked on, they focus on character development? They have all the scenes set to some...
aqua background with pineapple, banana, watermelon, and palm leaves with "It's Summer...What Are You Going to Do Today?" in text

It’s Summer…What Are You Going to Do Today?

Summer is here, and I know in many OCONUS stations there are no summer camp options for non essential personnel. So what will we do with our children this summer? Have fun I hope! I’ve come...