Because of COVID and disruptions to school, I’ve been worried about how my kids will cope going back to school full-time in the fall. And more than that, I’ve been extremely worried about how my 5 year old will be ready for Kindergarten come August. It was such a godsend when I found DailiesPods, and now I’m confident my kids will be academically prepared for next year! 

Screenshot of DailiesPods class with four kids learning and having fun with Miss Jessica!
Dailies App for middle schoolers- make learning fun and impactful!

DailiesPods is the perfect educational resource for Pre-K through 8th graders. It’s for kids who may need more help, personalized encouragement, and a unique class structure. Whether you need to fill in the gaps in hybrid education or a homeschool supplement, DailiesPods has a place in your family’s academic success. They even have an app that makes learning into a game for middle schoolers! 

My Experience with DailiesPods

I signed my nearly 5-year-old up for DailiesPods in an effort to get him ready for Kindergarten. Because of our move and then COVID closing schools, he only had three months in preschool ever. I’ve been worried about his classroom etiquette as well as his ability to be academically prepared.

It’s clear that he’s not where he should be, and I need help. I have a business to run, a house to keep, and 4 small children. I’m busy! And for whatever reason, my kids don’t listen and learn from me in the same way they pay attention to others. 

I needed help. 

And DailiesPods stepped in. 

We started with one class a week (which is always free!!!) and instantly saw the benefit in how much he listened, learned, and grew. So then I signed him up for the Kindergarten Bootcamp

I am no longer worried. I know that with the help of DailiesPods this summer, he will be well-prepared to succeed in Kindergarten this fall. And I feel confident that my first grader can also have convenient, personalized help whenever he needs it!

We are now a DailiesPods family! My kids love it, and I love the assurance that I have a team of trained educators rooting for my kids to succeed. DailiesPods is seriously a busy mom’s best friend. I no longer feel that the academic success of my kids falls on me alone. 

Want to know more about DailiesPods?

DailiesPods is your Educational Success Partner. Your child will receive the BEST personalized education while they have fun and socialize with their peers.

Want to make sure your child is ready for Kindergarten too? Join with me and sign them up for Kindergarten Bootcamp! 

This post has sponsored content, but all opinions are completely our own! We love sharing the businesses that make our lives better as military parents, and appreciate your support of these brands too!
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