Three Ways to Celebrate Your Husband on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and your husband deserves to be celebrated in style! Nothing says “I love you” like setting time aside for your man and honoring him well. June can get crazy with end of school parties, school graduations, and summer fun, but Father’s Day is all his.

The special dad in your life can easily feel loved and appreciated by celebrating him in the following ways:


  1. Connect and Create Space

Dad needs to feel like a priority. Clear the schedule, open the day, and make it entirely his. In our world of rushed agendas, today becomes about him. Clear the clutter in your physical environment, so you can be present, and remove distractions that might pop up like cell phones or Fortnite.

Listening to another person is one of the best gifts we give them. By being present and open with our husbands, we are demonstrating that their thoughts, opinion, and feelings matter. Spend some time on Father’s Day just discussing your husbands’ hopes, dreams, longings, and goals, so he knows that he is understood. 

Have something planned but be flexible. Some dads might want to have an action-packed day, while others might like some space to kick back by themselves (and maybe watch a little golf).

  1. Collaborate with the Kids

Depending on the ages of your kids, bringing them in on the plans can be the best fun. You might be surprised by the creative cards or gifts they can conjure up, or their thoughtful plans. Most dads won’t need gifts that are big or fancy, sentimental gifts go a long way. Especially when they are from their loved ones. Perhaps the kids would love to help cook Dad his favorite meal, or focus on his favorite dessert. Maybe your man is more of a restaurant guy and you could surprise him with reservations. Takeout could be a fun way to treat him while still staying cozy at home. Regardless, food is the key to a man’s heart.

Use dinner time to honor him. Create a top 10 list of your favorite things about dad, his best 10 funny sayings, his top 10 favorite movies, or anything that is special to him. Most importantly, thank him (whether he’s the active duty service member or the milspo) for his service and commitment to our country. While it’s easy to say a simple thanks, think about ways to communicate gratitude and appreciation.

Try identifying the sacrifice with thoughts like, “We know it can’t be easy to leave us behind, because you want to be with us, but we want you to know that we support you and love you. We are so grateful when you are home.” 

  1. Clown Around and Have Fun

Most men still have a playful spirit even if it is way deep down. Schedule some built-in fun this Father’s Day. Bring him breakfast in bed with a giant mound of whipped cream on the pancakes, sing him Happy Father’s Day to the tune of “Happy Birthday,” take him to a trampoline park, or bounce house, and challenge his bouncing skills. If your kids are older, plan some outdoor adventures. Throwing the football around, baseball in the yard, fishing, or canoeing are all big hits. You know his favorite hobby- celebrate it!                      

Of course, these are all easy actions if your husband is home. But …we are a military tribe and that is not often the case.

If your man is deployed, it might take some extra-creative skills. Care packages, phone calls, and emails go a long way, but consider celebrating Father’s Day when he returns. Just because we are past the calendar date doesn’t mean we can’t honor dad on his own special day. If he was deployed over Mother’s Day, you might just get a raincheck, too!

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Kim Anderson is a board-certified licensed therapist, certified life coach, speaker and team builder who works with families, groups and individuals to help them pursue their best, authentic lives while maximizing their strengths and talents. You can find her website here.
Kim also is a former military spouse; her husband served in the Navy for 20 years.
When Kim’s not busy helping others, she is working on other projects including authoring a book set to release in January 2020 called Unstuck. The book is about the myths derived from pain, fear and uncertainty that prevent people from living life to its fullest potential, and in turn, creating new truths that set them free. Kim also co-hosts a podcast called Coming Unglued where she and fellow wellness-advocate, Lori Zabaka a Certified Nutrition Coach and Professional Personal Trainer, problem-solve women’s issues from a whole-body and mind perspective.