Claim Back a Tiny Slice of Summer Vacation By Spending Time Alone

Mom's solo vacation

Your family has been planning a vacation for some time, and your hope is to relax and enjoy a new exciting scenery while showing your kids a great time. In your mind and sometimes on paper, it all looks amazing, but at times this picture-perfect vacation may lead to disappointment.

I recently returned from a two-week trip abroad and realized something that I had never thought of before, why does traveling with family seem more of a chore than a vacation? Shouldn’t I be happy that I got to travel and experience new places with my family?

I love my husband and kids more than anything in this world and enjoy spending time with them, but vacationing with family is all about mommying and not relaxing at all.

With every season and holiday change, there’s always writers and bloggers informing moms on the “fun” and “best” ways to spend summer vacation with our family and children.

While I love spending my summertime with my family, it leaves me with this question: What about the moms? What are the best ways to spend time WITHOUT our spouses and kids?

I want to enjoy summer and soak up every fun moment for myself. I need to make time for adult activities because I have interests and needs, too. Spending quality time alone is good for your overall well-being and results in greater life satisfaction. When you’re doing an activity alone, you can go on at your own pace, discover new things about yourself and overall become a better mom and partner. Even the simplest of activities can have a great impact on a mom’s well-being.

Here are some simple yet great ways to spend time alone:

Walk or shop solo.
I used to love shopping, until I had to shop with children. Whether it’s grocery shopping or just shopping for yourself, taking children along has made the shopping experience different.

I think any mom who can shop solo would love, too. There would be no worry about packing enough snacks, sippy cups and toys to keep everyone entertained. Being able to walk around without lugging that stroller through small aisles and trying on clothes peacefully in a fitting room would make going out solo worthwhile.

Take a long peaceful drive.
Sometimes something as simple as driving alone can help you relax. Having quiet time to think in the car can help you put your thoughts together or you can always blast that music and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy a meal or dessert.
Eating dinner in a restaurant by yourself is a real test of confidence. It can be intimidating to eat out alone, but it’s also the ultimate way to treat yourself to a nice or new restaurant that’s something other than kid friendly. You can invite a friend and have a girl’s night out with some adult drinks and a dessert. Or just do it alone!

Read a good book.
I love reading children’s books, especially the cute little series, it helps my littlest’s vocabulary and enhances our bonding time. But as a parent, sometimes we need to grab a good book that’s not child or parenting related and explore other new and exciting topics.

Enjoy a Movie.
Get away from the stress of everyday life by escaping to a movie theater.

Visit a museum.
Visit a museum or gallery other than a children’s museum. Lots of cities offer great museums and art galleries to see and explore.

Take time for spiritual wellness.
Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, taking some time to pray or meditate is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Prayer and meditation can improve concentration, reduce stress and keep your brain healthy.

Treat yourself.
Every mom deserves a spa day. Make it a point to treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

Experience a new class.
A few months ago, I took a French macaron baking class, and it was such a fun learning outlet. I got to learn to make something that I love eating, and I met new people. Whether it’s an art class, dance class or even a baking class, trying something new will help you learn a new skill and make new friends.

Go on a mini or big getaway adventure.
Invite your closest friends and have a summer road trip exploring a nearby place. If you have family close to you, drop off the kids with grandparents and plan a weekend getaway with girlfriends and truly enjoy some relaxation time. Or if you’re feeling brave enough and have the family support, it would be fun to take a trip abroad alone or with friends.

Family vacations are great, and I don’t discourage them, but when they simply feel like a version of everyday life, it’s time to step back and allow yourself some time alone.

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Aishah Eljirby
Aishah Eljirby was born and raised in Indiana and spent a few years of her childhood overseas. She met her husband at their local mosque 8 years ago, and it’s been a fun Army adventure since. In the last 8 years, they have gone from being an Army National Guard family to Army Reserves. Aishah is currently a stay at home mom to two fun boys, and she has a passion for science and volunteers at her son’s school’s science lab. She also occasionally tutors college anatomy and Arabic. She loves reading and traveling and considers herself fortunate to have a husband who also is a pilot in the civilian world, which allows them to travel and experience different cultures and gastronomy and to teach their boys how beautiful this world is.