December Book Club Discussion Questions


I know that December is a busy month for all of us. Between school functions, concerts, work parties, holiday traditions, and time with family and friends, it’s a miracle that anyone has time for anything else! That is why our December book club choice, Class Mom by Laurie Gelman, was ideal – a light, shorter read that all moms can relate to in one way or another. And we can all use a reason to laugh and unwind during the holiday season!

If you are reading with our book club this month, here are the discussion questions for our meeting. We will share our collective responses to these questions on Dec. 27th.

  1. How did you feel about Jen, the main character and class mom? Did you enjoy her brash humor or find her unrealistic/not relatable?
  2. The wide variety of parents in the class often caused tension and trouble for our class mom. Who was your favorite parent and why?
  3. Jen is a very honest parent and person. Do you agree with her parenting methods? Disagree? Why?
  4. Were you surprised at the flirting and near affair between Jen and her high school crush?
  5. This novel, while playful, is meant to satirically portray the behaviors and attitudes of parents today. Do you think this portrayal is accurate, and why or why not?
  6. Any final thoughts? What rating would you give Class Mom?

Like I said, short and sweet this month.  We hope you are enjoying this book, this season, and this book club!

And remember, our January book club selection is Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie!