How One Female Veteran Empowers Other Vets Through Coffee

How One Female Veteran Uses Coffee to empower other veterans - interview with Army vet, Toni Deason

Men and women who wore our nation’s uniform continue to answer the call of duty after returning home. They make a difference in their communities across the country, and their stories deserve to be told. 

That’s why we are partnering with the Veterans of Foreign Wars to bring you the stories of female veterans who are #StillServing. 

The VFW launched their #StillServing campaign in early 2020 to honor how veterans use the skills and leadership lessons they learned in the military to make our world a better place. Today’s VFW is made up of veterans of every generation who know service doesn’t end when you leave the military. They have each other’s backs and give people hope.

Toni Deason

Toni is a veteran with a heart for service and a mission to support other veterans transitioning to civilian life. After 12 years in the Army, she is now about to graduate from nursing school and spends her spare time empowering fellow veterans through coffee and community. She is a “Platoon Sergeant” with Scars and Stripes Coffee whose mission is to empower veterans to build their own business and give them the tools needed to adjust to civilian life well. 

“It’s my passion project,” Toni remarks. “It helps them to just get out there and get their footing once they get out of the military. It gives them the support system and structure that we have in the military and helps them bring it into starting their own business. I get to be in a mentor role, and it is very rewarding.” 

Hear Toni’s full story in the video below! 


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Check out the buttons below to connect with Toni. You can also empower some of the veterans on her team below! 

Ed Mosier (Navy)
Kevin Thompson (Army)
Jared Linder (Army)
Jeff Owen (Marine Corps)
Justin Patterson (Air Force)

female service member in unifrom coming home from Iraq, smiling and holding a welcome home sign
A group of men and women smiling, with a woman kneeling on the floor holding a folded service flag in a case.


Share your story of how you are still serving your community as a veteran? Submit your story at - From the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Every day, men and women who have bravely defended our freedom continue to serve in ways outside of the military. America’s veterans and service members are actively involved in their communities. 

If you — or a veteran you know — has stepped up to help others and your community, please take a moment to let us know!

Read more stories of female veterans who are #StillServing!

This series is sponsored by The Veterans of Foreign Wars. We are so grateful for their partnership to help elevate the stories and impact of female veterans who are #StillServing their communities.
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