COVID-19 Dispatches from Around The World

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COVID-19 Dispatches from Around the World

No matter where you are in the world, you are feeling the impacts of COVID-19.

Our Military Moms Blog team is located in multiple states and countries. We are all in this experience together, but each of ours is a little different from the other. Some of us are hunkered in our homes in mandatory lockdowns; others are still trying to execute a move. We have a unique perspective of this pandemic as we see if from around the world.

Our team members are sharing their experiences from their corner of the world – read each of their perspectives below and comment with yours!


Amie COVID-19

Amie – Washington

“The sun is shinning most days in WA state, but COVID-19 is rampant here. The governor has closed everything to public use, so we stay inside the house or in our yard. We set up a trampoline and hammocks in our garage, and it’s been a game-changer on cold or rainy days. My husband is also deployed, so I am navigating the newborn stage solo (again). I feel that my family in quarantine could be a twisted social experiment: it is the Hunger Games, and I fear my district is losing. I’ve also discovered there is a parallel relationship between how many consecutive hours my kids spend together and the amount of wine I drink. I fear my rations will not last the week, let alone the quarantine.
Send more wine. And dinosaur chicken nuggets. 

Rachel COVID-19

Rachel – Hawaii

“The state has issued a ‘stay-at-home’ order that is very confusing in its vague guidelines. Our schools are now closed until April 30 with alternative at-home methods being used for my kids. I was temporarily laid-off from my job with no return date as of yet. We wait in line to get into the grocery store and even then are lucky to find a 4-pack of toilet paper or any fresh meat. But my family is staying home as much as possible. We are healthy and comfortable, even with less income.

And now, I can make a dent in my to-be-read pile!”

COVID-19 front porch

Allison – Florida

“I have never had more respect for stay at home moms than I do right now. I am enjoying this time with my kids and really trying to embrace the chaos and requests for snacks every hour. My tip: change out of your pjs and put a little mascara and something cute on, you will instantly see your mood lift!”

Alicia COVID-19

Alicia – Alaska

“Currently, I am feeling like this snowman with no head. So I’m taking long walks with my family in the snow and remainding happy for positive temperatures.”
Amy COVID-19

Amy – Texas

“I’m adjusting to all this. I’m still going to my school full-time and am now taking on homeschooling (not by choice). I’ve acquired a new full-time roommate, a man who once left in the morning and returned in the evening but seems to now be present all the time. My drink of choice is almond milk mixed with 1% because I can’t buy more than a gallon at a time; also, I’m out of wine…and eggs, and toilet paper. And my schedule ends at 1:00 a.m. (for some beloved down time) but now starts again at 9:40 a.m. because fortunately, this new normal allows me to sleep a little longer!”

Amber – California

“Life is pretty surreal right now. We’re 2.75 years into a three year ‘sentence’ and then retirement. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but now the light is gone and I can’t see anything.”

Brandee COVID-19

Brandee – Virginia

“My working from home/Zoom life:

Hair and makeup done, looking professional from the neck up. Neck down I look like a hamster has nibbled on my shirt and then someone splattered paint on it. My Lularoe leggings are not lacking in color, and my feet are sweating in slippers that have replaced my flats. Sound machine is on as I ignore the screams, cries and howling coming from the other side of the glass doors.”
Caitlin COVID-19

Caitlin – Germany

“As an introvert who cherishes her alone time, I am struggling to be my best self while quarantining with 3 small children and a husband working out of the bedroom. I am a former middle school English teacher; I’m suddenly remembering why elementary education had always been a BIG FAT NOPE. Not thrilled about the job change, but appreciating the lax dress code.  The kids seem to be thriving, though – if my greatest dreams for them include one day majoring in LEGO-building and becoming the official biographer of the cast of Fuller House. As for the baby, he’s fine, too… wherever he is.

In my spare time (what spare time?), I’m dreaming of long naps, quiet walks around the block, and meals eaten without complaint. So really, not much has changed.”

Christy COVID-19

Christy – England

“The sun is out and we are smiling today, but there have been days of frustration and tears too. We are confined to our homes here, with the exception of a solo trip to the store for necessities or one period of exercise alone or with family members each day. I don’t know about you but I feel like there is a lot left to interpretation for that last rule.

This picture was taken from my bedroom balcony. The funny thing about Newmarket is that there are over 5000 race horses living here and they rule the town. Apparently the rules of quarantine and social distancing don’t apply to them!”

Dani COVID-19

Dani – Texas

“I’m a homebody who no longer wants to be home, and lockdown is just starting for us! I miss my kids’ teachers and therapists. I promise to never be tardy again (well, not often) and to buy double the amount on those school supply lists next fall. In an effort to not cry from lack of adult conversation I’ve started painting my windows and sticking teddy bears out for kids to look for when they take walks.

So far, I have avoided the temptation of baking in the kitchen –  because we all know quarantine carbs still count whether we want to believe it or not.”

Gretchen COVID-19

Gretchen – North Carolina

“I’m seeing a limited caseload for counseling via TeleMental Health (Tricare covers it!) which has been nice to get me out of the house, even if it’s to an empty office. My husband is working from home and getting a taste of the stay/work at home Dad life. My first grader’s teacher dropped off a box of learning supplies today so we will soon be adding homeschooling to the routine. There’s also a lot of binge-watching going on, obviously.”

Heather COVID-19

Heather – Florida

“As homeschoolers, you’d think this quarantine wouldn’t be hard for us, but we’re like everyone else- we want out of the house! It IS nice having life slowed down a bit, but not at the expense of everyone’s health being at risk. Having a daughter with cancer makes us extra leery about germs so we’re not taking any chances here! Sending prayers and well wishes from Central Florida, from our house to yours.”

Jamie COVID-19

Jamie – Texas

“We are using our time social distancing to potty train our toddler. I figured if I’m stuck at home I may as well make the most of it. As a stay-at-home mom this has honestly not changed our routine all that much. I do miss the option of doing things though. And I miss Target. However, if me staying home is the only sacrifice I have to make in this whole scenario it’s certainly a small one. It is definitely one I’m willing to make. Stay home. Flatten the curve!

Erin – Hawaii

“In the last two weeks, I have baked three batches of cookies, a batch of banana muffins, and am dreaming up my next round of anxiety baking. In between baking treats, jumping on the trampoline, and reminding my children to wash their hands, I have immersed myself in the world of SIMS mobile. I am proud to say I have been very productive virtually: two weddings, four babies, two retirements, and multiple love affairs. When my ER doc husband returns from the Army hospital and asks about my day, I often forget he is asking about the boys and not the characters in my beloved game!”

Jennifer COVID-19

Jennifer – Tennessee

“I love being at home, truly love it. That being said, I don’t like being told to do anything and now they’ve told me to stay home. Which I will. But I won’t like it. Not one bit.”
Lorren COVID-19

Lorren – Georgia

“We start out really productive in the morning – we all get dressed and exercise and go outside. I do schoolwork with my school-age child while my husband entertains/tries to ignore the little kids. At naptime, the baby naps and the boys watch TV. After that, we pretty much devolve into apathy on the parental side and anarchy on the kid side.”



Melissa COVID-19

Melissa – Hawaii

“If Covid-19 could be cured by number of words uttered in a day, my three-year-old would have this pandemic ended in a day. We may not have a park for her to burn off energy (or a Starbucks to give me energy), but we rearranged the house to make space for a playroom. It is amazing where you can find space if you get really clever.”

woman holding coffee cup on front porch

Brittany – Texas

This time has been a little stressful. We are in the middle of the move, I am learning to teach my middle schoolers online, and I am also trying to keep my own three children schooled/occupied. Luckily, I don’t mind staying home. Gives me plenty of time to unpack. I chose to pose with this coffee mug that says, “Mom, momma, Madre, mom, mom, mom, MOM” because that is exactly what I hear 10,000 times per day when a child is trying to get my attention. Overall, I am thankful for our health. I pray for a quick resolution to all of this and a safe outcome for as many people as possible.
Suzanne COVID-19

Suzanne – Texas

“While adjusting to teaching my middle schoolers from home, I’m focusing on gratitude: my husband and I still have jobs, my three soldiers are riding this out at their home duty stations with their spouses, and I discovered this lone purple heart bloom while weeding the garden. We humans may have hit the pause button, but nature stops for no one.”

Sarah COVID-19

Sarah – Louisiana

“Despite the craziness going on in the world around us right now, our family life feels fairly normal. My husband and I are both very fortunate to be teleworking. We are home with our three kiddos, balancing work and children needs. The weather has been beautiful, warm and sunny, so we take lots of walks and play in the yard.
Our neighbors teamed together this week for a teddy bear hunt, putting bears in the windows; e had a great family walk yesterday, hunting teddy bears. Each evening, we either walk or play in our front yard, and all our neighborhood is out walking or biking. We wave a safe hello and chat from a safe distance.
We’ve explained to the kids that there is a yucky virus going around, making people sick, so all our favorite places and school are closed, but we are keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy. We have used the Chick-fil-a drive through! We are trying to stay positive and upbeat and enjoy the family time.” 
COVID-19 Dispatches image

From our team to yours – wherever you may be – we hope this finds you safe and well. #inthistogether