To celebrate the resiliency of our military children, we joined with a few of our favorite children’s book authors to read their books live every week for Month of the Military Child. 

Grab your kids, and let’s enjoy story time together! Watch the videos and check out the links to get the books for yourself! 

"Patches" by Kate Johnston - purple camo background with two dandelion flowers

“Patches” is a children’s board book about a military kid who misses his dad on deployment and has an idea to connect them while they’re apart. He shares the idea with his friends whose dads or moms are deployed too, and the Promise Patch was born.

Meet Macie is your typical little girl with a big imagination who loves to play dress up. One day, she discovers that she is NOT a typical little girl but in fact a superhero on a mission to help people around the world from different cities, states, and countries. This book informs children about real life issues of society and presents it from a perspective that they can interpret. Join Macie on her journey to save the world!

"I Will Be Okay: Adventures of a Military CHild" by Amy Schweizer - purple camo background with two dandelion flowers

When Roman’s daddy is deployed, it’s hard on him, his mommy, and his little sister Charlotte. Even Roman’s beloved Grammy isn’t going to come for a visit for quite some time. Roman’s mommy signs him up for soccer! Although Roman and his stuffed lion sidekick, Trooper, aren’t so sure about being in a new place with new people, they end up playing fun games and learning how to play soccer, too! Along the way, Roman feels better and makes a new friend, Mason. Mason’s mom is deployed just like Roman’s dad. Soccer helps the time fly by for Roman, and soon his Grammy comes for a visit. Even though it’s been a tough few months, Roman knows that everything will be okay!

"Magical Order of Brave Knights" by Colleen Marchi - purple camo background with two dandelion flowers

Sir William the Brave Knight is more than just a plush companion. He is a guardian and protector from a magical realm with the real-world ability to comfort and soothe kids’ nighttime anxieties. This beautifully illustrated storybook highlights themes of courage, friendship, devotion and love.

What are YOUR favorite children’s books?

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