Getting Back into a Routine


As a homeschool mom, the end of summer has both positive and negative connotations. I take a moment to mourn lazy mornings and endless hours of porch-sitting with friends. I now must get back to some sort of schedule. Waking up (a little bit) earlier, lesson planning, and teaching children in different grades will once again become my morning routine. And while I will most definitely miss the carefree, warm days of summer, my soul longs for some sort of order. After all, these kids have gone about crazy with no real schedule for the last couple of months. They’re hanging off of bus stops, climbing to crazy heights in neighborhood trees, and in complete denial that they have a bedtime– it has become a bit too chaotic for my taste, as least for the long-term.

Routine. I have always been a strong advocate for children needing a routine. (Click here to read an article about the importance of routine.) Since my children were babies, a routine was something my husband and I took very seriously, and it most definitely has not changed as they’ve gotten older. No matter how many days in a row they ask me if we are doing school that day, fight me on having to take a shower every night, grumble they have to make their bed everyday, or eat around the dinner table and not in front of the television, they crave it. When routine is not there, we experience so much more pandemonium in our house.

Contrary to some beliefs, homeschool families do have routines/schedules as well. (related article) I sincerely believe that if we did not, we would not be effective in teaching our children. Now with that being said, each family’s routine may look completely different– BUT there is at least some sort of fabric that holds it all together and causes that family to be successful. Throwing all caution to the wind will not produce an effective homeschool environment, no matter how great your curriculum is.

So with all of that being said, even though I will greatly miss the glorious days of summer, I can find encouragement in that routine is an essential part of life. I can remember we had a great break, but now it’s time to get back to work.

But check in on me in a couple of weeks as I will probably be pulling my hair out and need those reminders…