Everything I Need To Know About Life I Can Learn From My Toddler

toddler exploring outdoors

They say that with age comes wisdom. I think most of what we figure out about life as adults is what we’ve forgotten from childhood. We grow older and tend to forget some of the better lessons and experiences of our youth. We are too wrapped up in adulthood and life in general.

But here is something I have learned: everything I need to know about life, I can learn from my toddler.

Toddlers embrace each new day with wonder and possibility. Somewhere along the way, we lose sight of that. One of my favorite things about being a parent is re-experiencing life through my son’s eyes. It has allowed me to recapture some of that toddler magic, and I want to share it with you.

toddler enjoying food and life

Toddlers Try New Things

My toddler is not afraid of anything. He started swim lessons recently. and now he is jumping off the side of the pool. He is literally jumping into the unknown with both feet. No security net. How would that look for us as adults if we weren’t so afraid to try new things?

I say live like a toddler and go for it. Are we always going to succeed? Of course not. Sometimes you will find yourself choking on a bunch of water. But you will get it next time. Just keep trying new things.

They Don’t Hold Back

Have you ever seen a toddler stop to think about if what he or she is doing is embarrassing or weird? Probably not. So take a lesson from them and stop worrying about what other people think of you. Especially the people who’s opinions don’t matter. Be confident; be bold; go after what you want.

I don’t hope you just dance. I hope you dance like my son does at Toddler Story Time. All out.

Toddlers Are Always Amazed

The world is pretty amazing! Unfortunately, as adults, we often forget that or at least overlook it. Toddlers do not. My son is awed by the fact that there are drains in all the sinks and that water goes down them. The other day he came rushing to me to tell me, “Mama, there is a drain in the shower too!” Make time each day to be amazed by the shower drains (or other ordinary amazements) in your life.

Toddlers Have A Different Perspective

As adults, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being irritable or frustrated by all the little inconveniences of daily life. One day I was carrying my son and a bunch of groceries in the parking lot when it started to rain on us. My first instinct was to be irritated. But my son looked at the sky, smiled at me and said, “Mama, its raining in my mouth!”

We cannot always control what happens to us but we can choose how we respond to it. Try taking a different perspective from time to time – you may be surprised by the refreshing change of attitude or mood.

They Eat The Bread (And Cheese)

Those that say a man cannot live on bread alone have not hung out with a lot of two-year-olds. Toddlers know what tastes good, and they don’t pretend to like what they don’t like. Life is short. Eat the salad of course but enjoy the good stuff too. Which leads us to…

And They Wear The Comfortable Pants

My son only wears pants with elastic. Any button or zipper is purely for decoration. While you may not be able to get by with wearing sweatpants everywhere, dress in what makes you confident and also comfortable. It circles back to caring less about what other people think and living in a way that makes you happy and comfortable!

toddler exploring outdoorsToddlers Love the Outdoor

“Outside” was one of my son’s first words. I believe the desire to be in nature is ingrained in our human DNA, but life often gets in the way. Make time to be outside each day. It will lift your spirits and improve your mood. Bonus points if you find a good swing set.

They Embrace Each Day

When I wake up each morning, I often feel like a truck ran over me in the night – generically tired, stiff, and oddly sore. I don’t want to talk to anyone until I have had my coffee. But my toddler? He wakes up ready to seize the day. He is happy and so excited for a new day.

Strive to see each day as a toddler does: full of possibility and as a gift. Because even when we are tired and sore, every day is a new day.

Toddlers Take It ALL In

You want to know who notices everything? Toddlers. Our morning runs and walks are narrated by my son as he points out every interesting detail.  When you pause and try seeing the world through the eyes of a child, you will be amazed at what you could miss. The mundane is surprisingly interesting. There is so much wonder in the details.

They Express Love. Loudly and Often.

My son yells “I love you” to my husband and me every night at bedtime. He tells our pets. He tells his stuffed animals. Sometimes he even tells Whataburger and HEB. His love knows no bounds, and he is never afraid to express his love.

Be bold in your love! Never miss an opportunity to say it to those you care about. I’m looking at you, coffee. 

So get out there and carpe diem the heck out of each day. And if you are ever in doubt, just ask yourself what a toddler would do.