Four Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Try at Home


If mothering had high school yearbook-style superlatives, I can say with total certainty that I would not be awarded “Most Artistic.” That being said, as a mother I find myself time and again thrust into the world of crafting. Most of the time this is a direct result of a school assignment, but occasionally I attempt a self-inflicted artistic endeavor. 

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun traps and shamrocks are just around the corner, so here are a few projects that require supplies you probably already have in your craft box/junk drawer, or could easily acquire without a trip to the local hobby shop. If you are actually a crafty mom, then let this be your reason to splurge on a new set of paint pens or that glitter your child has been begging you to purchase. 

Shamrock Stamp Painting

Whether you use recycled toilet paper rolls, sliced peppers, or apple halves this is an easy craft that requires your chosen “stamper,” construction paper, a paintbrush, and some green paint. A great excuse to say “yes” when your toddlers and preschoolers ask to paint, and these could be made into adorable cards to send to friends or family.

Handprint Leprechaun 

Handprints are always a wonderful keepsake to remember when those little hands were actually little. Despite a few moves, I still have all my boys’ handprint and footprint crafts from their sweet preschool teachers. You can do this simple craft at home with some paints, a small canvas, a permanent marker and a gold paint pen. The hardest part will be waiting for their handprint to dry. 

Shamrock Slime

You’re probably going to hate me for putting this on the list, but think about how much your kids will love making and playing with this glittery goo. Note, that this recipe calls for contact solution with boric acid in it. This makes the slime extra smooth and you don’t need too much to create the desired effect. You can save this recipe and use it for any other holiday that glitter might come in handy, or you find yourself needing something to keep the kids busy. 

St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks

Take your kids on a walk/forced march to find the base for this cute creation. All you need is a flat rock, paints, and some sealant to design your best St. Patrick’s Day decor. Whether you place them around your neighborhood so others can search for the pot o’ gold or just display them in your home, these are sure to be fun for even your most reluctant crafter.