6 Ingredient Micro-Green Juice


I’ve heard that a little green juice is great for detoxing after the holidays or whenever you have overdone it with food and beverage! Not sure if that is a true fact but I say “a little extra “Green” in your diet is always a good thing”. You can use organic fruits and veggies if you would like. Adjust fruit and veggie amounts to suit your personal taste. If you use more apples means it will be a little sweeter. I don’t have a fancy juicer so what ever you have should work just fine.


1/2 Apple (Granny Smith and Pink Lady are my favorites) peels on and seeded

Micro Greens a small bunch Spinach handful washed and dried

1 Celery stalk

1/8 TSP Fresh grated Ginger or more if you prefer

1/2- 1C H20 depending on your blender


This is so easy!

Quarter and chunk your apple, then add all ingredients to your blender and blend until it is all chopped and smooth.

For a thicker consistency use less water

That’s it!

Servings: 1-6oz serving

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Total Time: 5 minutes

You can add Ginger Essential Oil if you don’t have fresh ginger, just a tiny drop. Don’t have Micro-greens? Use more Spinach or substitute Kale, Collards or even Broccoli!

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